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My Name is Barbie Figueroa and I'm the Author & Creator of

I'm a Wife, Mom of 3 Boys and a Furry Baby Goldendoodle Dog, Named Cooper.

And I've been a long-time video content creator and Attraction Marketer, going way back to 2007.

Yep, I'm pretty old school, and Praise God...

 I'm still Alive & Kickin' =)

I've seen alot and I've done alot and after  trying everything from Network Marketing to Affiliate Marketing, Providing Lead Converting Website Design Services and a little bit of everything in between...

I've nailed down a very predictable
'7 Step Magnetic Selling' Formula that's helped me surpass $300K+ in Just One Networking Affiliate Program and Create Multiple Streams of income Online... 

and I'm confident it will work for you too,

but only if you're like me & have a ridiculous work ethic, are super determined to make this 'online thing' work,

and you are driven by a purpose you really can't explain, but you just KNOW you are meant for more and Refuse to Die with the Dream Inside You...

 You're Willing To Invest Time, Money & Energy  to Get What You Want...

and You Know that You've Got to GIVE what You wanna Get FIRST . 


If  that sounds like you, and you've thrown away money on expensive ads that yield little results...

You're wondering how to finally Breakthrough,  Rise Above the Crowd and Stand out in a SEA of SAMENESS where everyone else, is trying to be like everyone else... but you wanna make money and market in a way that feels uniquely you...

And you are actively working towards Building a Business that also allows you to have a life AND Make Money even when you're not on your computer

I can Show You My Methods...

But First, let's make sure we are on the same page...

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"Listen to Barbie, and You'll Achieve Success Like She Has!"
Barbie Figueroa is a ROCK STAR internet/network marketer! =) I recently held a contest for my affiliate partners, and out of the gate, Barbie came out on top. She went full throttle and was able to earn 1st place out of hundreds of other affiliates. Not only is she an incredible marketer, but she’s and incredible person that you need to get to know and follow. Listen to her and you’ll achieve success like she has.
Jonathan Register

Creator of the Blogging Domination Blueprint

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I Often found that my biggest hurdle would be learning how to put (all the puzzle pieces) together seemlessly, Changes are constant so I jumped in double dutch style and just keeping up with the pace!
Koco Jellie

Network Marketing Jewelry Distributor

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